Spring is Here!

spring, new season, fresh beginnings, growth

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t believe it’s the middle of September already! It’s been a couple of months since I last made a visit to your Inbox; an absence that has been way too long. Have you ever heard the expression: “It never rains, but it pours”? Well, sometimes life just […]

Back to Basics


Apologies for skipping an edition.   The last week of April I was in sunny (and HOT) Phoenix Arizona where I attended ICON2017 – Infusionsoft’s Annual User Conference. This was my first ICON since becoming an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and I was so happy that it ended up being everything I had been told about… […]

Is your Red Rope a Noose?

red rope principle, michael port, client vetting, be selective

Wow, the last couple of weeks have been challenging, to say the least! The aftermath of Cyclone Debbie has been far-reaching, even if you were not located directly in her path. Many industries, especially insurance assessors and repairers, are experiencing exponential demand and growth. In some cases, there are in excess of 1,000 claims a […]

Credit Card Fraud: Who Pays?

Who pays when your CC details are stolen?

OK – this subject is always a hot topic for the media, not to mention a Day of Armageddon for the Nervous Neds and Nellies of the world. So what really happens when your credit card is used online, somewhere in the world, without your knowledge or permission? Who pays? How are you affected? Well, […]