Improve Conversion Rates

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Be front of mind for all your customers; the right people at the right time

The holy grail of business development is to convert more of those leads. So how is your conversion rate? You may be getting lots of website traffic, or maybe you have a long list of contacts who just aren’t buying. The problem isn’t getting more leads – it is following up the ones you already have. In reality most people need to be contacted a few times before they are ready to purchase or make a decision.

The Infusionsoft platform lets you connect with people who really want to buy from you. But, don’t confuse that with email blasts to your entire contact list.

Guide more people through the sales process faster by customising your emails and automatically sending different versions of that email to different contacts based on their actions. Actions like clicks, opens, purchases, payment history and other user behaviour criteria can all be tracked. This allows you to zero in on your target market.

When you’ve spent the time allowing your leads to become familiar with you, to know who you are and what you offer, and to trust you, you will be top of their mind when they’re ready to buy.

One place. Every contact

Using Infusionsoft customer tracking software, you’ll know key details about every customer. From their last purchase or conversation with you, to which articles they read in your newsletters. With this information you can impress them with incredible customer service and personalised communication. You can provide them with the same professionalism and polish of a company with an entire marketing department, but with the personal touch of your small business. That is the power of a small business CRM!

Contact Management

  • To save you hours of work, collect data about your leads and organise your contacts in a way that is intuitive to you. Easily upload, store and manage detailed individual records, including:
  • Contact information
  • Orders and account balance
  • Lead source and scoring
  • Task and appointment history
  • Website activity history
  • Interactions with your brand.

Data Management

If your contacts spreadsheet is becoming a monster, and you’ve got no idea where to start with making that data useful, Infusionsoft CRM can simplify your data management. Turning those spreadsheets, hand written notes and business cards into a useable data management repository, you can:

  • Add contacts on-the-go from your mobile device
  • Photograph a business card and add the details automatically
  • Get help importing data into the system
  • Update, edit, export, or trigger automation in batches
  • Automatically check for duplicate records.


Segmentation is the secret to sending the right message to the right people, every single time. This in-built contact information creates a stronger connection with you and your contacts. You can identify:

  • Demographics
  • Lead score
  • Email clicks
  • Purchases
  • Payment History.

This kind of segmentation gives you and your data the power it needs to start delivering results for your business.