Master e-Commerce

Automation Marketing for eCommerce Industry

Provide a seamless online shopping experience, every time

An online storefront is only the beginning of a modern business. Providing a seamless shopping experience makes customers more likely to buy from you (over and over again). So that you can deliver a superior service every time, when a customer buys you need to make sure you are tracking and collecting payments in an organised way.

When you use Infusionsoft, your e-commerce system is fully integrated with your CRM and email marketing. This common portal lets you send promotions and special offers to your customers based on what they’ve bought, create upsell and cross-sell offers, send invoices, create payment plans, automate collections, and process credit cards automatically. Don’t let disparate systems stand between you and your revenue!

Integrate my e-commerce

Have you ever received an email that tells you to purchase something you’ve already purchased? – Marketing Fail! That won’t happen with the Infusionsoft shopping cart. Using Infusionsoft’s e-commerce tools, you can access ready-made, customisable templates to sell your products, services or subscriptions online. Add to that Infusionsoft’s storefront, or build your own, letting your customers purchase through the Infusionsoft shopping cart.

Every purchase in a contact’s order history is communicated back to the CRM and stored in their profile. With this kind of data, you can have confidence that your marketing and communications will be tailored, relevant and valued by your customers.