Going Paperless

File folders

Professional service practices are often weighed down by paper and the procedures surrounding the filing and storage of that paper.  With the exception of a few specific types of documents, most paper can be scanned and shredded.  There is no necessity to keep the physical paper at all.

Paper takes up a lot of room, is cumbersome, heavy, difficult to search and in many cases unnecessary.  It also fades and discolours over time; making it difficult to read.

Consider these Questions

  • Do you know what it costs you to store and maintain paper files each year?
  • How much space do they consume?   
  • Do you rent extra space just to keep physical files?
  • How much time does each professional staff member spend accessing and maintaining paper files?
  • How much time does each admin person spend filing and maintaining paper files?
  • Are you forced to work in the office because the paper files are there?

Some of the Benefits of Going Paperless

What would you say if I told you Going Paperless could conservatively save you:

  • 524 hours per professional staff member per annum; or
  • Over $100K per professional staff member per annum.

Not to mention:

  • Significant reductions in rent of premises (you don’t need as much space) or off-site storage.
  • The freedom to work anywhere with increased productivity!

Seems unbelievable?  It’s not!  The savings are probably greater!

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