Are You Missing Out?

What's your talent?

No Product?  No Customers?  No Problem!

If your dream is to make money online using your knowledge (while you do something else) then this post is for you!

Imagine the difference, making money online could make to your life!  Pay those unexpected bills, pay for tennis/soccer lessons for your kids, or take a holiday – whatever you want or need.    Imagine the impact you can make on others by sharing your knowledge, experience and talents!

If other people are doing it why not you?

First, let’s address the voice in your head, you know the one that says …

  • I don’t have a product – yes you do you just haven’t realised it yet!
  • I’m not an authority – all you need is your unique experience – you have experience!
  • Who would listen to me? – Lots of people!
  • Who would pay for what I know? – Lots of people pay for shortcuts and solutions to their problems!
  • I am not sure I can do this.  – Yes, you can, if you can build Lego or follow a recipe you can do this!
  • I have no idea where to start – keep reading!

The concept is simple, basically,

  1. Find a group of people;
  2. Sell them what they want!

Simple, right?

It should be!  In fact, that is the principle of every business.  But most people get caught up in the minute details of the “how”, and struggle with thoughts of “I can’t do this …”, “I’m not good enough …”, “I don’t’ have time or “I’m no good with tech”!  Which makes it harder than it needs to be.

Here’s an example …

My husband is a talented musician.  It’s not his day job, but it is his passion (apart from me :) ).  He plays the guitar and sings; has done ever since he was 8.  In his 20’s he had the opportunity to “go pro” big time in the music industry (he was offered a contract with Sony), but elected to pursue law instead.  He does live gigs when he can and plays every other Sunday at our local church.  Almost every week he is asked by someone if he has an album they can purchase, or whether he will teach them to play the guitar.  He would smile and politely say “sorry no music is just a hobby, my law practice keeps me too busy to record an album or to teach”.  (He taught guitar 1-to-1 when he was at university as a part-time job).

About a year ago, (maybe longer), I suggested that he create his own album and create an online guitar course.  He laughed and said to me, “Who would buy my album? Those days are long gone!  I said, “Everyone who has asked you about it …” He laughed and said “I don’t have time”, “Besides I don’t know how to make an album”.  (Yep, Face-Palmed emoji)Screenshot 2018-10-29 19.26.30

But, I persisted and on 5th Nov 2018, his first album will be available for pre-sale on iTunes.  The guitar course will be available shortly too.

Screenshot 2018-10-29 19.52.22

My husband’s music and his talent should be shared with the world. 

Your talents and experience are just as valuable and should make an impact on the world.

Where should you start?

With your passions! 

What do you love to do – write it down!  Don’t think too much! Don’t analyse it!  Just write it down and notice how you feel!

If you feel excited, joyful –  all positive feelings – you are on the right track!  Don’t worry about the “how” just focus on what you love to do!

Remember, you don’t have to figure this out by yourself.  And, you can create your products in a way that makes an impact on the world and is 100% YOU!

If nothing could stop you, what digital product you would create?

Leave a comment below and tell me all about it.

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