3 Steps to WOW

Life cycle marketing, grow sales, save time
Life Cycle Marketing. Grow Sales. Save Time.

OK, so you have ATTRACTED your potential clients.

You have NURTURED them to become HOT buyers.

Now, how do you WOW them so that they tell everyone they know about you?

Good question – let’s dive in!

1)      Uber Personalisation

We all know what it feels like to receive a generic letter from a business.  “Ho hum” (yawning).  It’s impersonal, boring and certainly doesn’t give you any warm and fuzzy feeling.  I am usually left wondering whether I will bother engaging the company again because clearly, they don’t care about me!



How do you feel if you receive a personalised thank you letter, which even details what you bought or something else that is specific to you?

I know, right? It makes you stop, sit up and take note of that company!  WOW – they care about me and not just about my money!  Warm Fuzzies all over!

Never underestimate the power of personalisation.  It’s such a small thing but can have such a huge effect!  It makes you stand out from the rest and puts you front of mind.

Here are some ideas for you to try.  Compare the different text and how it makes you feel:

Personalised, email, text
Try adding these gems to your emails

How about different landing pages for different segments of your contacts?

You’re really only limited by your imagination – how inventive can you get?  It is so easy to communicate in relevant and interesting ways with your contacts – from using effective language on web pages, right down to sending them an email or a text message whilst they are browsing your website.  Now you’re talking!

Tips for Infusionsoft Users:

  • Use merge fields any time you want to impress. Just like a bottle of Bollinger!
  • Be creative! Try using their spouse’s name, too (yep, Infusionsoft has a field for that and it’s not that hard to get that info from your customers). It’s a great way to strengthen your customer bond.
  • Decision Diamonds are your best friend! You can make them easy-peasy but still make them super effective.
  • Whip up a few quick landing pages and email sequence combos in the Campaign Builder. Make sure the links to each landing page are unique for each segment of your list.

Uber Easy!

2)      A First-Time Purchase Gift

This is an Unexpected Surprise!

Simply – you want to reward people for doing what you want them to do.

So, send them a gift – it doesn’t need to be huge. Something simple that makes them sit up and notice how much you appreciate them (and it makes you look amazing too).

Try these on for size:

  • A handwritten note (not just a typed one)
  • Movie tickets
  • Store gift card
  • Bottle of Wine/Champagne
  • Personalised coffee mug
  • Restaurant voucher
  • Amazon gift card

You might also consider doing this when existing customers do what you want them to do – like when they spend over $5,000 or mark an anniversary with you, for example.

Tips for Infusionsoft users:

Setting gift campaigns in Infusionsoft is super-simple:

  1. Create a goal to decide when you’ll send them their gift (like a tag that’s applied when they purchase or spend over a certain amount).
  2. Connect it to a sequence.
  3. Use the Fulfilment Snippet inside the sequence.
  4. Save the details i.e. who is sending the email, its contents and what you want your supplier to process.
  5. You are all set to WOW!

3)      A Birthday Campaign

To make their Birthday Unforgettable!

Unfortunately, some businesses turn this into an excuse to pitch or sell their products or services or make the birthday card seem like a shallow gesture.

So let’s up our game and be a little different.

This is how you can strengthen your relationship and warm your customers up for an offer while at the same time showing them respect.

  1. Two weeks – before their birthday, send an email that shares reflections from the past year. This could even be an attractive, single page with a place for them to write their fondest memories and achievements.
  2. One week – before their birthday send them an email, full of cool activities they can do on their big day.
  3. On the day – send a text message in the morning, an e-card around lunch time and a present from you in the afternoon. Included in the present is a time sensitive offer for your goods/services.  (You’ve earned the right to ask for the sale by the end because you have succeeded in making the day special and most importantly you made it all about them!)

Put yourself in your customer’s position on that day.  Wouldn’t you feel special?

Tips for Infusionsoft Users:

  1. When customers give you their birthday, tag them with a “Birthday Group”
  2. Start your birthday campaign with the application of this tag as an entry goal.
  3. In the sequence that follows, use field timers to set each message to send as a countdown to their birthday.
  4. Don’t forget to set as “Next Occurrence” so it will run every year, without you even thinking about it. (Even if they are one of the few who remember getting it the previous year, it’s likely they’ll still appreciate the gesture.)
  5. Bonus Points: combine it with something from the list of First-Purchase rewards and send it by regular post.

You have our permission to use any strategies from this series and make them work for your business.  So choose one that is easy to implement and will have the biggest impact!  It may seem like a bit of work up front, but you will never again have to send HUNDREDS of emails manually and will save yourself so many hours!  Once done, keep investing in improving it.  It’s so worth doing!

If you haven’t worked it out – this is what we do!

We love solving client challenges.  We love hearing that our clients need us to do more for them because they are going on holidays or are coming up with new ideas.  Because that means we’ve helped one more business owner to free up more time to spend with their kids, fly business class or enjoy drinks by the pool while putting their feet up.  All because they are leveraging their business to work harder for them!

If you think you may need Infusionsoft, or if you have Infusionsoft and you are ready to take it to the next level, let’s have a chat about the best options for you.

Because we want to help your business succeed!

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