A Handy Hack for Excel

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Using Microsoft Excel is something that people either LOVE or HATE.  And the only difference between those two kinds of people is whether you understand it or not. Let’s pretend you’re the owner of SellingCoolStuff Pty Ltd and you have four salespeople who work for you: Bob, Jane, Mary and Fred, and you want to […]

Excel Magic – the Payment Function (PMT)

Excel Figure Loan Images - Prod

I will assume most of us have had a loan or mortgage or, if not, you’ve probably at least contemplated one. You know the drill. You see something you like on realestate.com, head to the slick calculators on the website of your chosen financial institution and either give yourself a fright or leave wondering about […]

Shhhh, Secret Excel Business…

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In our previous article, we discovered how to create the Perfect Formula – Every Time. Now we are going to investigate the rules behind how Excel calculates these results. OK before we start, here’s a Pop Quiz! Question: The formula below, 3 + 2 x 9 =   Answer: Would the answer be A or […]

Excel’s Hidden Gem

Emerald Gem

Having taught Excel (and all the Office apps) as a corporate trainer for over 20 years, the application that shot fear into the heart of more people than any other was Excel. It is still this fear that stops people from using this awesome application. You have to be a math head to be able […]