Who’s your Avatar?

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Who’s your avatar?

Looking for new clients?

Need more business for your business?

Yes! you say, But I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall ….

Ok – step away from the wall – and let’s look at how you can attract new clients to your business.

More specifically, let’s look at how to find … your Avatar!

Target your ideal new client

One of the most common business marketing mistakes I see is entrepreneurs throwing their time, money and resources into attracting the wrong type of client.

What you want to target is your ideal client (a.k.a. your Avatar).

Your Avatar is NOT:

Anyone with a heartbeat prepared to pay you money.


Your Avatar IS:

That client who is the perfect fit for your business’:

  • Facilities
  • Location
  • Client Experience
  • Talents and strengths


Your ideal client will also:

  • Ignite your passion for what you do
  • Not drain the life out of you at every transaction.


If you want to grow your business profitably and quickly then you must target these ideal clients.  And ONLY these clients.


Why? Because your Avatar:

  • Loves the product or services you offer
  • Buys regularly from you
  • Is easy to service
  • Keeps referring you to their friends/contacts
  • Ignites your passion for what you do
  • Doesn’t drain the life out of you


If you think about it, your ideal clients / Avatars are highly profitable!

Why would you want coupon-clipping, awkward and time-sapping clients when you can have clients who love your offerings and willingly spend their money with you?

So – don’t market to clients who are not your Avatars!

Instead, focus on marketing to your ideal clients only.  They will convert to loyal clients more quickly and easily, which is exactly what you want.

This should not be difficult or confusing at all.  Focus on the clients and potential clients who are or could be your Avatars, be really clear with yourself about that, and the results will amaze you!

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